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There are many owned dogs in Bulgaria who for various reasons need medical attention. Sadly many of the owners cannot afford vet treatment so LAR steps in to help.

This lovely boy on the left is one such case. His leg was broken so LAR took him to Sofia to have his operation and he was in foster care with Candy whilst he recovered.

Luckily this boy is now back to full health and is safely back at home guarding his flock!

BUT...this is just one such story of many. We urgently need funds to give more dogs like this a chance of a healthy and pain free life. Please donate whatever you can to help us continue our vital work. Thank you.


We are determined that all the dogs we rescue get the best veterinary treatment we can give them so they have every chance to go on and live happy, healthy and full lives. But with the cost of medical care on the increase and more dogs in crtitical conditions due to accidents, neglect or abuse we are experiencing a shortfall, which is putting additional strain on our resources. Please donate today to allow our vets to save more lives like MagicGracie and Petra

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