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26.04.2021: What a transformation the last 3 months has made to Rosie! Her mange has all but disappeared , her coat has grown back, itching has stopped and she LOVES life!

Gone is the cowering , shivering , starving creature and in its place is a funny, loving , still obsessed with food, happy loving girl.

Rosie is now very bossy especially with the puppies and can hear a plate being put on the floor to lick seconds before anyone else.

01.02.2021: Rosie has come to stay with us as a foster so she be in a warm house with raw food and companionship.

She will be here for at least 8 months until her mange has cleared up.

Rosie had been abandoned and the bullying on the street from other street dogs was almost fatal for her. 

She had massive injuries to her head/neck and many smaller ones to her body. 

On top of that she had a very massive demotex infestation ( mange), malnutrition, dehydration and severe anxiety trauma. 

It took weeks to secure her and get her to the clinic. 

She is now in "rehab" in the Little Angels pack.

The mange treatment takes many weeks and so her soul has time to heal with lots of love. 

She is the most loving girl and so grateful to be in front of the wood burner!

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