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As well as hands on rescue, Little Angels Rescue BG also work hard for the betterment of the owned dogs that are kept on chains. The term ‘Doorbell Dogs’ was coined by Candy a few years ago when LAR was running as Colonel Angels and that is exactly what they are, dogs kept on chains to bark if someone comes, thus acting literally as a ‘Doorbell’.

Many of these dogs are owned by people who are very poor and don’t know any better.

They live in regions where the Internet is foreign and where they work the land to seek out an existence.

What they do is due to ignorance and lack of knowledge and because it has always been done that way not through any deliberate malice or cruelty with regard to the dogs they have.

Through our Chained Dog Project we aim to make the lives of these dogs better by providing adequate kennels and long chains or ‘running lines’ which will give the dogs, not only a greater freedom, but allow them movement to ‘do their business’ away from where they sleep and to keep them warm and dry in the Winter and cool in the Summer.

Alongside that we are also working to educate these owners as to best practices of dog ownership so they can become more aware of dogs as living creatures with feelings and so that there is hope for the future generations of the families we are helping.

The chained dog project will be updated regularly with the stories of those dogs whose lives we have helped improve.


Emma was chained from a puppy. As she grew her chain did not! Her head is now bent at this angle and she cannot lift it as she has no muscles in her neck. Underneath her coat she is also emaciated and near starvation.



Thanks to Candy's help, Emma was adopted by a loving family in the UK. Emma has a wonderful brother Rory, who was also rescued by Candy.



Rocky has been adopted by the fire station and the 12 men in the team have all chipped in together to have him vaccinated and they all split the costs of his food. He is loose in the day in the enclosed yard and is in great condition. The only problem is the kennel was way too small and Candy suggested that we supply a bigger kennel and we take the small on which we can then pass on to another dog. Rocky has a long chain now so much more freedom whilst the gate is open, but once it is closed he can run and play inside the large place, a huge improvement on what his life once was. His new larger kennel has been built for him so he will be able to shelter from the heat of the sun and have somewhere warm and safe during the winter.



By donating and raising awareness to our chained dog project!



UK Bank Account

Name: Little Angels Rescue BG

Bank: Nat West Bank

Account no: 33713359

Sort code: 01 04 66

EU Bank Account

Name: Candy Sasse LAR

IBAN: BE90 9671 5387 7732

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