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Founded in 2010, Little Angels Rescue BG (formerly Colonel Angels) is a charitable foundation run by a small but dedicated team working to alleviate the stresses on the stray and owned dog population in Bulgaria.

Our mission is to end the cycle of suffering of the dogs on the streets and to be a part of bringing about the necessary change in how dogs are perceived; not as vermin but as sentient beings whose companionship can improve lives. 



Each year we rescue, rehabilitate and re-home hundreds of stray and abandoned dogs.

Through no fault of their own, these dogs have either been born onto hostile streets or dumped when they are no longer useful and left to fend for themselves.

With no street skills those former owned dogs have little to no chance of survival and with anti-stray policies and sentiment common in much of the country all the dogs on the street run the risk of being killed.

Neuter campaigns

We also run subsidised or free spay/neuter campaigns for both owned, rescued and street dogs.

This work is absolutely paramount to significantly reduce the stray population and to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

We are hopeful that in the future we will also be able to get up and running our Mobile Vet Clinic which will allow us to roll out our spay/neuter campaigns to other areas of the country.

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All our rescues are taken into our own homes so they are given a chance to adapt to a home environment, this is crucial for many of them, who have never been in a home before. They are integrated slowly and at their own pace, introduced to other animals and people and the unfamiliar noises that make up a life in a home. All our rescues are fully assessed before a rehoming is even considered, this can take months in some cases, but it ensures that the correct home is found for each individual dog when their time comes. 


Education is a vital part of the work we do and we run education programmes at local schools in both animal welfare and dog ownership and also educate the owners of local dogs through our Chained Dog Project.

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