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Updated: Apr 23, 2021


Another day and another dog. Yes, that's right, another one! You might ask "How do you get so many dogs?". Whelp, many strays on the streets, pups dumped at LAR. HQ or in the middle of bumfuck of nowhere. Yes, some people just think dumping dogs like their yesterdays "instagram trend" is solving THEIR problem! Ahem, pardon our French. What are you getting at, you ask? LAR HQ currently has a doggy kindergarten plus Rio and Latte are still waiting to come over to us as well. We currently cannot add more puppies to the mix because of the risk of infection. Parvo is rampant in Bulgaria. Highly infectious and can be deadly for puppies. :( We cannot risk the safety of our current puppies by taking in more due to the lack of a quarantined kennel. Soooooo

We are once again asking for your support! To be able to help more puppies, we are raising funds for a kennel. This kennel will be used to house puppies in a safe and clean environment without risking our other LAR puppies that are at LAR HQ! How much is this even going to cost??? Our goal is 1000€. With 500€ we will be able to build a kennel onsite with a way to quarantine new comers properly without risking our vulnerable pack members. You can donate to us via PayPal! Please make sure to use the friends & family option to avoid PayPal fees as every cent counts! Or you can also use the following banking details:

UK Bank Account

Little Angels Rescue BG

Nat West Bank

Account no 33713359

Sort code 01 04 66.

If you cannot help us with a donation, there are other ways for you to help us! SPREAD THE WORD! Raise awareness of our projects on social media!

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