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Tiny Peekaboo is a little Pekinese who was found by Candy. at the side of the road completely starved and covered in fleas.

Naturally she was scooped up and brought back to the rescue where she was treated, spayed and brought back to full health.

Unfortunately efforts at finding her a home have failed as after all she has been through she is very mis-trusting of strangers and snappy, she only trusts Candy so to prevent any more stress for her it has been decided that she will remain at the rescue where she is happy, but will need sponsorship to help with her costs.  Due to a hereditary eye disease and one eye already had to be taken out, regular doctor appointments are a must!


UK Bank Account

Name: Little Angels Rescue BG

Bank: Nat West Bank

Account no: 33713359

Sort code: 01 04 66

EU Bank Account

Name: Candy Sasse LAR

IBAN: BE90 9671 5387 7732

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