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Nana was an horrific abuse case and ended up in foster care for nearly a year before coming to LAR.

Hugely traumatised from her abuse she was unapproachable initially due to immense fear, but with time and patience she has learned to trust Candy.

It has taken over a year to be able to touch, stroke or cuddle Nana but Candy can now do all of these and she leads an incredibly happy life, long walks in the mountains, the company of all the other dogs, cuddles, food and her favourite place by the fire.

Because of her history and her trauma with strangers Nana will always remain as LAR resident.


UK Bank Account

Name: Little Angels Rescue BG

Bank: Nat West Bank

Account no: 33713359

Sort code: 01 04 66

EU Bank Account

Name: Candy Sasse LAR

IBAN: BE90 9671 5387 7732

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