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October the 17th in 2021 whilst down in Plovdiv taking some village dogs to be neutered I came across this little dachshund mix.  

She had been neutered and was in the recovery room.  Her story was sad… as always.  She had been taken to the clinic to be neutered by an elderly gentleman who after dropping her off phoned back a couple of hours later to say that he didn’t want her any more and would bot be coming to collect her.  So she was duly ear tagged and when fully recovered was going to be put on the street.

I couldn’t leave her so ended  up bringing her home ! My excuse was “ I can fit one more small dog in”.  She was about 6 months old and an absolute little poppet and has become a member of the LAR crew due to a genetic heart condition.


UK Bank Account

Name: Little Angels Rescue BG

Bank: Nat West Bank

Account no: 33713359

Sort code: 01 04 66

EU Bank Account

Name: Candy Sasse LAR

IBAN: BE90 9671 5387 7732

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