Update 30.04.2021: I went to see Girlie and Metcho tonight but sadly the photos of Metcho didn’t turn out. This is where they spend the night outside my friends flat. They have blankets , water and in the morning breakfast. After that they have to roam the busy streets all day before returning in the evening. My friend can not take them in as her flat is not big enough to house her large dog plus two more . They are both beautiful dogs and very much devoted to one another. Girlie is around two years old has a loving temperament and more than anything else in the world would love to find a furever home ( if possible with Metcho).

Please can everyone share this post and see if we can do just that.



They are street dogs in my nearby town and came to my attention when a friend of mine asked for help initially for Metcho’s lameness and then for both of them.

They are inseparable and wander the streets during the day before coming back to my friends to be fed at night.

She then opened her door to them and they have both moved in to sleep at night. Unfortunately her flat is small and is also where she runs her business from.

She and her partner also already have a large dog plus the neighbours are not happy so we must find them a furever home ASAP.

They cannot be separated so we are hoping for a miracle that someone will offer them a home together.