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Update 15.07.2021: Joolz is a wonderful dog. She is still very shy and does not like loud noises and is scared of fast movements. She is a Bracke mix (hunting dog) and we are looking for a family that does not have small animals. Due to her being very sensitive, we would like to find a quiet family without small children. 

Joolz ( thank you Bea) after a lot debating on wether it was safe to cross the threshold , came inside. She’s a very gentle and submissive dog at the moment but this can change when she gains her confidence. Every time I glance at her she’s watching me and wags her tail. The puppies think she’s great to have as yet another aunty and all the others are indifferent to her being here. She’s met the cats with no interest so tomorrow it will be the chickens. So far so good

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