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Update 04.01.2022:

Jasper is now looking for his forever home!

This big baby has now fully recovered from his dreadful ordeal ( dragged behind a motorbike).

His wound is almost unnoticeable.

He will need a home where exercise is an everyday occurrence and a family willing to understand his needs due to him having some LGD in him.

He loves to be kept busy and active, but once inside the house he flops down on the nearest dog bed and sleeps.

Update. 27.07.2021: A not so happy boy having to wear a lampshade so he can’t touch his bandages . He’s tried everything to get it off but so far has not been successful . Keep your fingers crossed it stays this way. Update from yesterday is nothing broken just deep skin abrasion. The wound has to be dressed daily with honey which works so well on these type of wounds. He has had an antibiotic injection been wormed and treated for fleas plus vaccinated. Now it’s just a daily bandage change and back to the vets next week to see how the wound is progressing. It was a long day for him yesterday as not only was it a long drive but very hot even with the air con on. He took it all in his stride and ate a hearty supper when we got home. We are so grateful to you all for donating and sending him get well messages.

Update 27.07.2021: Just off to the vets and to update that he spent his first night inside a house without any problems. I can see flies are going to be a big issue with his wound so he’s going to be spending a lot of his time indoors so he is fly free . We can’t thank you enough for the donations that you have sent towards his recovery . He sends you tail wags and lots of licks.

On 26.07.2021 this little guy was rescued by Candy.
This poor dog was one of around 25 dogs which were dumped by a neighbouring municipality about 7 miles outside our nearest town.

It’s unclear exactly what happened and how many people were involved but 8 dogs were killed and many others were injured.

They had been dragged by a vehicle or vehicles and some had been shot. Many were puppies with their Mums as well as older dogs. This new boy is only 10/11 months old and amazingly enough he still wags his tail when you talk to him and is very friendly.

Tomorrow I am taking him to the vets in Plovdiv for a thorough check over and possible X-rays. He is under police custody as he is what they call evidence in a case like this. Please if you can help him it would be most appreciated as after what he’s been through he deserves this chance .

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