19.07.2021: Breagha ( means beautiful girl in Scots Gaelic ) . Thank you Claire for putting it forward. Now I have taken the tag out of Breagha ‘s ear it is standing up straight like her other ear. She is an absolute sweetheart and will make a fantastic addition to a family.

16.07.2021: I was asked to help with this 6 month old pup who had been neutered by our local municipality.

Shame on the vet who performed this operation on her as he only suturered two layers ( should be three) and used sutures that were not reabsorable.

The reason reabsorable sutures should be used on so called street dogs when they are neutered is they don’t have to be taken out. In this pups case the sutures should have been taken out and as they were not she now has a painful infected wound. She’s the sweetest natured little pup who has nothing to deserve this.

Rant over and just to say she is now home with me and the other dogs. She will however need to go to the vet for treatment and possible re stitching of the wound plus a prescription for antibiotics.