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21.05.2021: First morning out of the shelter and she decided she wanted to walk with us. I wish all the dogs that come to stay were as easy as her. So far the only no no she has committed is putting her front feet on the kitchen work top and trying to steal some food. ( totally normal considering). She’s met the cats and is accepted by all the dogs even Kez who only gave one growl and a sniff before walking away. Such a loving gentle soul and so deserving of a new life ahead.

20.05.2021: I saw this lovely young bitch in the local shelter last week. My vet friend Didi was employed by the municipality to neuter some of their dogs and she and a vet friend did 17 bitches in one day. This lovely young girl was one of them and she was firmly stuck in my mind . So today I went to the shelter and collected her as she was due to be put back on the street tomorrow. I just hope someone out there sees what I see in her and would offer her a furever home. It’s so incredibly sad here as no one adopts dogs from the shelter and I felt so so sad for the other dogs who have no chance .

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