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The cost of medical care is going up.

Please support our urgent vet appeal.

We believe that our dogs deserve the best care we can give them so they can live happy and healthy lives.

Please donate today to help our vets treat more dogs like Gracie, Magic and Petra. Thank you.

Many of the dogs that we rescue will need some sort of veterinary care, whether it be routine or something more serious these costs are a drain on our already strained resources and this is why we need your help.





Here are just three of the dogs whose lives we have saved and helped on the road to recovery, giving them the best chance to live a happy and healthy life.

Gracie ~ Gracie was tied up at our gate and left, obviously no longer wanted. On examination she was diagnosed with IEP - Idiopathic Erosive Polyarthritis, her joints were hot and swollen and she was in obvious pain, finding it difficult to stand and walk. IEP is a degenerative disease and the onset in Gracies' front legs was so severe that if something wasn't done immediately her quality of life would have been extremely poor as she would lose mobility. We made the decision to go ahead with 'arthodesis' a surgical procedure to fuse the joints. Gracie also has IEP in her hind legs but not as severe as her front and that is being successfully controlled by medication. Gracies' surgery went well and with her splints removed she has much more mobility, hardly any pain and is a happy and sprightly little girl, this operation has given Gracie the new lease of life that she would not have had otherwise. She will remain as a resident with us and you can see a video of her walking for the first after her operation on our Sponsor a Dog page.

Magic ~ We thought Magic initially would be a simple rescue, spotted in a remote area on a mountain road, he was completely emaciated, suffering from heatstroke and wouldn't have lasted much longer had we not spotted him. However giving him food and water resulted in himgoing downhill fast and it was a race to get to the vet clinic in time, which was four and half hours away and the only one open on a Sunday, as he had gone into renal failure. Several x-rays, scans, and an operation later what was thought to be a tumour was found at the neck of his bladder which was stopping him form urinating and internal sutures were also discovered although no apparent surgery was in evidence, although we can't say for sure it's though that the stitches were deliberate in an attempt to end his life and if we hadn't have picked him up then that's exactly what would have happened. Magic had several weeks at the clinic recupurating and his tumour turned out to be a blood clot brought on by the 'botched' medical procedure. He is now back at the rescue and is continuing to do well. 

Petra ~ Petra is a beautiful and placid Karakachan mix and her story is typical here in Bulgaria. She had been rounded up with other strays and dumped and starved in an area where they are used for target practice and routinely shot! In her fear she managed to escape but her leg was caught and seriously damaged in the attempt. With her nerves and muscles damaged beyond repair she spent weeks walking on three legs and dragging her damaged one. Locals were helping her and feeding her but it was only a matter of time before she was caught again so we were asked to help. She was taken to the clinic where her leg had to be removed but she is now safe and doing extremely well on three legs.

 We ask for help because our rescues can't!

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