The Neuter Network

The Neuter Network is a joint venture between Little Angels Rescue BG, TwitchyNoses and SANPI (Stray Animals Neutering Project International) but also involves the co-operation, participation and support of a number of other non-governmental organisations and individuals. 

It has long since been an idea and hope of all involved to work together with other organisations to carry out a continued neutering effort in Bulgaria. It is only through neutering that the root of the over population of dogs and cats can be brought under control. For both street dogs and village dogs alike.

Together we hope to be able to make a positive difference and slowly, step by step, reduce the number of starving and abused dogs roaming the streets and stop the thousands of puppies and kittens born to village dogs and cats each year and then dumped, left to starve or be run over or poisoned.

For all news and updates as well as ways you can help this essential project please visit the website - 


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