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You can sponsor any of the dogs in the below just read their stories, view their videos and choose which one you would like to sponsor.

How your sponsorship benefits Little Angels

Little Angels, rescue and care for many dogs through the course of a year and whilst most of our rescues go on to find loving homes of their own, there are some that will remain with us to be looked after because we never destroy a healthy dog. You can sponsor one of these special needs dogs, they have lots of love to give but what they really need is a best friend like you!

We rely on the generosity of people like you as we receive no government funding and by sponsoring a dog you not only help that dog but all their friends too! All our work is done by volunteers so all the money you give goes where you intended ~ The Dogs! 

Please also see our residents' Amazon Wishlist at the bottom of the page and if you are able to send them a little 'Doggie-Bag' of goodies they would certainly appreciate it. Thank you

Please sponsor our special needs dogs


Ellie was an emergency call out for us as she had not only been hit by a car but literally run over and was in a great deal of pain. A life saving operation to pin and plate her pelvis, which was broken in several places, saved her life and she is beginning to stand on her own.

Months of physio and rehabilitation will see this girl improve no end, but we would dearly like to borrow a mobility cart for her. If you can assist with that please contact us.

Because of her fragile balance of health, Ellie will always remain with LAR  and would love a sponsor to help with her costs.  If you can assist with her daily living expenses please donate via our homepage.


Poor Shadow has been left in the village by an elderly woman who has had to go back to town to look after her three granddaughters after their mother deserted them.   

He is very shy and nervous of people but shows no aggression, doesn't worry any livestock so is left alone to roam looking for food. Little Angels has now agreed to buy the food he needs and has arranged for a couple to feed him daily and to have use of an outside shelter if he needs it.

Once fed and wormed his quality of life will be greatly improved even though he doesn't have a home as such. We need help to continue to purchase food and medicines for Shadow so if you would like to sponsor him you can do so by donating via the Paypal link on the homepage. 


Dear sweet Phantom went through unimaginable horrors and abuse in a BG kennels. For two and a half years he was abused and traumatised by those who were supposed to be caring for him, resulting in almost total hair loss due to stress.

Two years with Candy and LAR, receiving kindness, love and understanding saw him improve to the extent where he was ready to be adopted and he travelled to the UK.

After a lengthy period with a family that loved him dearly and were providing every opportunity for him to take things at his own pace he was becoming depressed and not adjusting well to urban living, as well as being nervous of strangers. It was therefore agreed by all parties that Phantom would return to the LAR rescue where he was at his most happiest and become one of the residents.

If you can help with the daily costs for Phantom you can sponsor him via the Paypal links on the Home page. Thank you.


Tiny peekaboo starved, covered in fleas and dumped. Urgently needs a sponsor

Tiny Peekaboo is a little Pekinese who was found at the side of the road completely starved and covered in fleas. Naturally she was scooped up and broiught back to the rescue where she was treated, spayed and brought back to full health.

Unfortunately efforts at finding her a home have failed as after all she has been through she is very mis-trusting of strangers and snappy, she only trusts Candy so to prevent any more stress for her it has been decided that she will remain at the rescue where she is happy, but will need sponsorship to help with her costs.


 ''Look for the sheep on the hill!''

Minnie was an emergency call out in January 2011. We were told there was a little dog with a broken back dragging herself around the streets of a nearby town.On arrival as we approached her in the car we thought she was a cat she was so tiny. As we drew up beside her and opened the door this little face looked up and literally smiled! Giving her a quick check over it was obvious that her back was indeed broken but that it was an old injury so we picked her up and back she came.

The first job was to give her a bath as she was absolutely fithy and cutting away the severe knotted fur behind her ears, which was preventing her from moving her head properly, it was discovered that she had the worset infestation of fleas imaginable, which had caused her to go bald at the top pf her head. It must have driven poor Minnie to distraction as she didn't have her back legs to scratch with.

Minnie now has her own set of wheels from Eddies Wheels in the USA, has a special pack that she sits in whilst out riding the horse on the dog walks and generally rules the roost back at the rescue.

Her injury caused her not to be able to pass urine on her own so her bladder is emptied for her several times a day, she also wears special pants at night.

Minnie will always be a resident of the rescue and has adapted to life well and is exceptionally happy considering her disability.


Nana was an horrific abuse case and ended up in foster care for nearly a year before coming to LAR.

Hugely traumatized from her abuse she was unapproachable initially due to immense fear, but with time and patience she has learned to trust Candy.
It has taken over a year to be able to touch, stoke or cuddle Nana but Candy can now do all of these and she leads an incredibly happy life, long walks in the mountains, the company of all the other dogs, cuddles, food and her favorite place by the fire.

Because of her history and her trauma with strangers Nana will always remain as LAR resident.







Sweet Dougal is a permanent resident with LAR and is looking for that special person to sponsor his food and vet bills. If you would like to help take care of Dougal you can donate via PayPal. Thank you.


Lovely little Sprocket is another resident with the charity and needs a kind sponsor to help with his everyday bills and vet care. If you could be a friend for Sprocket you can donate via PayPal. Thank you.

Who could resist that sweet face! Adorable Peppa needs a sponsor to help with her food and vet bills as she will live forever with the rest of the Little Angels. If you would like to help Peppa you can donate for her via Paypal. Thank you.

Our special needs resident rescues do require some extra items so if you are able to purchase anything for them you can find what they all need on our Amazon Wishlist, just click the image and it will take you to our page on Amazon and thank you for your support.

 We ask for help because our rescues can't!

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