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Welcome to our rehoming page. All the dogs you see on this page are Little Angels Rescues and through our rehoming partners will be looking to find that perfect home of their own, just click on each image for further information. If you are interested in adopting one of our rescues please complete our Adoption Questionnaire ~ English / German  and return it to us via e-mail: and we will contact you with how to proceed please also look at the FAQ's at the bottom of this page. Thank you.

Please come back as this page is updated regularly. 

Rescue is an expensive business! the initial rescue is just the start but once a dog is taken into the rescue we need funds to continue their care for the length of time that they are with us. Funds to cover basics such as food and bedding, for medical treatments such as worming, and for extras such as toys, then the expenses incurred for transport, passports and micro-chips need to be covered. If you can help with the money needed, no matter how small an amount you can donate via the Paypal links on the Home Page - Thank you for your support!


LAR: ~ Still at the rescue in Bulgaria

KWT ~ With our re-homing partner in the UK

GER ~ With our re-homing partner in Germany

The location of our rescues will change depending on where they are in their 'rescue journey'. If you are interested in adopting any of our dogs then please take note of the 'Current Status' key on the left: the corresponding information is on each of the rescue photographs.  



Can I adopt one of your rescue dogs?

Yes, all the dogs you see on this page are available for adoption. We work hard to ensure that all our dogs live in a home environment for as long as they need to, so they are well balanced, happy and healthy dogs before forever homes are sought. We do not deal with the adoption process ourselves, we work with rehoming partners in the UK (South) and Germany. Please check that the dog you are interested in providing a home for is currently in the same country you are, and that you are able to travel to meet with them. 

Why do you use rehoming partners?

It is vitally important that once one of our rescues finds a forever home of their own that there is constant back up and support for both the new owners and the rescue dog. As we are a small NGO and based in Bulgaria, our resource doesn't allow us to be able to follow through with the adoptions process adaquately, which can be detrimental to the rescue we have worked hard to save and care for. It also means that if, for whatever reason the adoption does not work out, that there is an immediate alternative for the dog and support for the owners. 

Why do I need to fill in an Adoption Questionnaire?

Filling out an initial adoption questionnaire allows us to have a better understanding of your circumstances and living environment to ensure that our rescue dog finds the home they are most suited to and that the adopter has the most suitable dog for the home they can offer. The questionnaire, once received is passed on to our relevant rehoming partner and they will then contact you to proceed, at this stage we are no longer involved except to receive updates as to the progress of our rescue in their new home. This is done directly with our rehoming partners, however if you have successfully managed to adopt one of our rescues and want to contact us directly with news and updates then we would welome the contact, as the futures of our rescues is very important to us.

Can I become a Fosterer?

Unfortunately at this present time we are unable to work with external fosterers, however there are many other ways you can help us, from fundraising to spreading the word, have a look around the website to see other ways you can support us.  

 We ask for help because our rescues can't!

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