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 Special LAR Projects

Chained Dog Project

As well as hands on rescue, Little Angels Rescue BG also work hard for the betterment of the owned dogs that are kept on chains. The term ‘Doorbell Dogs’ was coined by Candy a few years ago when LAR was running as Colonel Angels and that is exactly what they are, dogs kept on chains to bark if someone comes, thus acting literally as a ‘Doorbell’. Many of these dogs ...continue reading


Spay / Neuter Project - 'The Neuter Network'

The Spay/ Neuter of the street dogs in Bulgaria is paramount, without it the population will continue to rise and more and more unwanted dogs will be born on the streets to struggle unnecessarily, constantly in danger, starving and with no chance of finding a loving home they most likely will die a premature and painful death. With over 3 million strays currently on the streets, spay/neuter is the only responsible way forward to reduce the numbers.

As well as reducing a stray population, spay/neuter is more healthy for a pet and can reduce the liklihood of disease, as well as add years to the life of the dog.

LAR have 2 Spay/Neuter projects running simultaneously, that of the street dogs and also of the owned dogs. At present both projects are run as funds become available but as a matter of policy all of our rescue dogs are sterilised prior to going to our re-homing partners provided they are old enough.

We also are looking in the future to providing a Mobile Clinic to expand our reach.

Education Project

Education of the populace in Bulgaria is critical to understanding the need for sterilisation, the best practice for dog ownership and animal wefare in general. With a history mired in tradition and ignorance this is a difficult project to undertake, therefore we work with owners of dogs through our Chained Dog Project and also run education in schools as we feel it's the next generation that is the important one in terms of making the necessary change to the lives of the dogs. We work with the Dogs Trust and adapt their literature accordingly so it is applicable to the Bulgarian situation.

Again the school project is run as and when funds allow which is why your support is so important to not only us but the lives of the dogs and Bulgaria as a whole.

 We ask for help because our rescues can't!

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